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Silver and Bronze Medallions
Calumet & Hecla Mining Company
Lake Superior Copper District

April 30 2003 update

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  duof1.jpg (42617 bytes)  
bzf1.jpg (49489 bytes) To celebrate its 50th anniversary in 1916, the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company issued employee service medallions in gold, silver, and bronze to commemorate years of service to the company: gold for between forty and fifty years of service; silver for between thirty and forty years of service; bronze for between twenty and thirty years of service. agf1.jpg (43853 bytes)
flip1.jpg (31406 bytes) Although the bronze and silver medallions are not rare, they certainly are not common. Each of these is in its original presentation case and both medal and case are in excellent condition. cas1.jpg (35136 bytes)
bzb1.jpg (49878 bytes) What is unique about these particular medallions is that they were issued to a father and son: Michael Messner for 33 years' service and John W. Messner for 20 years' service. agb1.jpg (43938 bytes)
prg1.jpg (38124 bytes) Also included is the program that was issued on July 15, 1916. The program is in very fine condition with a slight damp mark at the spine of the cover. Three pages are devoted to the special events of the day and evening starting at 10 a.m. with the parade of employees, and ending with dancing at the armory and "colosseum" from 9-11 p.m. prg2.jpg (35706 bytes)

The rest of the booklet lists the names of all employees receiving service medallions of gold, silver, and bronze.
In reading the names of the recipients, many "notables" are listed: John MacNaughton, R.L. Agassiz, James MacNaughton. However, the more interesting names are those whose families are still in the Copper Country:   Madejewski, Longpre, Jilbert, Freeman, Effinger, Laroche, Teppatti, Wareham, Zunich, Torreano, Schneller, etc.
This is truly a piece of Michigan's Copper Country history.


C&H Bronze and C&H Silver Medallions with July15 1916 Awards Program...TMC-CH6...$800.00